Solid wood beams for roofing

Thanks to our modern system and new technology, we are able to produce beams and rafters in solid wood for roofs.

We produce beams of all sizes and designs so that the client never has to limit their creativity while constructing their projects.
Pine wood is an excellent building material that is very durable yet lightweight and easy to work with. It responds well to treatments to improve the durability and aesthetics of the wood and gives the room a warm cozy feel.
Furthermore, it is a type of wood that absorbs very little moisture and is difficult to ruin.
It is perfect for constructing wooden roofs because it has an excellent resistance to compression and a low sensitivity to temperature changes. It also provides a very good soundproofing for the house.
All these features make it especially suitable for the construction of ecological houses.
In addition to beams and rafters, our artisan sawmill produces all other products to complement a wooden roof: laminated wood supplies, panelling, boards, strips, planks, and more.

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