Solid duo-laminated beams

The Casolla sawmill of Trentino provides solid duo-laminated beams.

The duo-laminated beams
are made from two lamellae that are glued together. The rigid bonding of the wood is resistant to cracking and twisting, making it particularly useful for the construction of roofs, buildings, and ecological houses. Another advantage of this valuable material is the speed in which it can be processed.
The duo-laminated beams are particularly suitable for all applications that require a high level of structural stability. The beams are made exclusively from pine trees taken from PEFC certified forests. Thanks to its high stability, shape, and low degree of humidity, the duo-laminated beams are particularly suitable for ecological building.

Solid wood is the ideal material for modern timber constructions as it satisfies high demands and quality standards. 

Travi Lamellare Abete Larice

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